Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Could this be The Funeral Guy????

One of my readers, a guy (or gal) named tbird is a big fan of mine.  So big in fact, that in his comment on my Wal-Mart post he led me to this picture that he obviously took while he was stalking me.  Ironically, I was in Wal-Mart at the time.  

I appreciate him/her not showing my face.  The Funeral Guy wishes to remain anonymous out of respect for the families that he serves.


  1. I hate to disappoint you Funeral Guy, but I am too much of a snob to shop at Walmart. Actually, the only thing obvious about this photo is your admitted preference for knee high shiny plastic go-go boots. Wear them in good health, you ghoulish ignoramus. (Geez, try to help a struggling artist and this is the thanks I get!)

  2. Hi Handsome,
    Love your blog - if only tbird knew how intellecutal and articulate you really are.
    Love, Mrs. Funeral Guy

  3. Dear Mrs. Funeral Guy,

    You could be suffering from formaldehyde induced loss of visual acuity.
    I would schedule a Snellen test soon. Not to be one to repeat a joke, but if I had to guess,I'd say this very well could be you:

  4. tbird,

    Mrs. Funeral Guy laughed her ass off so much over the photo that her ass is now much smaller. We both thank you.