Monday, August 17, 2009

California government workers give greedy pigs a bad name.

CALpers and CALstrs union bosses figuring out new ways to screw the taxpayer.

If you want to see smoke and flame shooting out of my ass just show me another story about public employee unions and their pensions.

Read the whole story but all you really need to know is that there are 3096 retired LA County employees and 5115 retired state employees receiving $100,000+ pensions and God knows how many that are below that but still pulling down more than you idiots who are actually still working for a living. One of these shameless hacks, former Vernon City Administrator Bruce Malkenhorst is sucking the teat to the tune of an astounding $499,675 a year. IN RETIREMENT!!!! Oh, and the capper? He's under indictment for two counts of misappropriating funds for personal use. (Considering his pension, how is his criminal activity different?)

Government employees should not be able to unionize. PERIOD. END OF ISSUE. Collective bargaining is skewed when the entity that you're bargaining with doesn't have to attract customers, make a profit or adhere to any free market principles at all. Government employees want more money and golden retirements? Easy. Just tax the suckers. For the rest of you in other places in the country, don't laugh, this is coming your way eventually. I tell my daughter as much as I hate the idea of it, if you want security in this life get a government job.

This can't be sustained. Eventually the exodus of the productive will result in more people riding in the wagon than pulling the wagon. When that happens the union bosses can pound on the table all they want. They may be able to hardball politicians, but you can't hardball math.

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