Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today we lost...

Rose Friedman-Champion of free minds and free markets.
December ?, 1911-August 18, 2009 (Age 97)

Wrote (along with her husband, Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman) Free to Choose and The Tyranny of the Status Quo. A brilliant and accomplished woman, Rose joins her beloved husband Milton in heaven where they won't be running into any communists.

Robert "Bob" Novak-Long time reporter on Washington beat.
February 26, 1931-August 18, 2009 (Age 78)

I used to love watching this guy on The Capital Gang and Crossfire. Shows that made me realize that politics was going to be for me like sports are for normal guys. Any pundit nicknamed "The Prince of Darkness" was bound to be OK in my book. Robert Novak came off as cynical and hard boiled (most assuredly not an act) but underneath you could tell that he really just loved the game of it. Bob Novak was the last of his breed. Died due to complications of brain cancer.

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