Monday, August 31, 2009

Not a case where you can just yell..."Hey you two, get a room!"

Nothing like a cigarette and a bottle of Ripple
for a little post coital relaxation.

Men accused of having sex
on stranger's lawn

Cute little love story from the OC. For those of you not from Southern California, let me tell 'ya, this is a real ritzy area. These folks don't want to see Paris Hilton and whatever man she's with this week having sex in their front yard, much less two male vagrants.

I wonder exactly what kind of sex act they were doing? Come on. You know there are degrees when it comes to these kind of things. Was it? You know...the thing you can get away with on the red eye to New York if you do it under a blanket? Or the thing where....ah...a person can look like they're resting their head in your lap and most of your clothes are on? Or.....OH MY GOD!!!!! The, you I have to spell it out for you? The most abominable of abominables? In broad daylight in Laguna Beach? THE FULL MONTY OF GAY S-E-X !!!!!????? I wouldn't have even been able to call the police since I would have been in full recline on my fainting couch.

I have a suggestion for our two randy sweethearts. When they finally let you out of the jug go find a freeway exit ramp and stand there with a sign that says WILL DO GAY PORN FOR FOOD.

A career is always better when you're doing something that you love.

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  1. It gets worse. You can take a poll here on whether the conduct in someone's front yard was "harmless" or whether it was most disturbing because it was homeless men, because it was someone's front lawn or because it was broad daylight. (Would it really have been that much less disturbing in the back yard?)

    I suppose some would say, "Hey, they were homeless. Where do you expect them to go? We need to provide them a safe place -- it is our duty as a society." Isn't that what they would say in San Francisco?