Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sounds like an embalmer who was anxious to start his weekend.

NYC Family Sues Over Funeral Home Horror

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Since there was no comment on the part of the funeral home due to the pending litigation I'll take the article at face value. (No pun intended) First of all, it sounds like the body wasn't embalmed. After an embalming you shouldn't have any blood leakage because there is no blood left. It gets replaced by the embalming fluid. You can have fluid leakage, but it ain't blood. Maybe the family didn't want to pay for embalming, I don't know and the story doesn't say. There is usually no reason that autopsied remains that weren't subject to some kind of trauma (blunt force, gunshot, knife wounds, etc.) to the face shouldn't be viewable. And even in those cases I've seen good embalmers work miracles. The discoloration could have come from attempts to revive the person or poor circulation due to his diabetes. The thing is that all bodies are different. I've seen people who have had so many procedures to prolong their life that by the time we get them they're a mess. And some families are just not happy unless you can make their loved one get up out of the casket so he can get on with his life. Human nature, I suppose. I'd like to see the photos, otherwise all is speculation. As for the buzzing flies, any funeral home can have a fly or two, but if they are "buzzing around" the deceased's open wound? You gottsa problem, Yo.

I never have a problem with advising a family against viewing. I just ask myself one question. "If this were my loved one, is this the memory of them I want to take away with me?" Bottom line.

Here's a good example of the embalmers art.

This is not a man who died peacefully in his sleep.

Granted he looks like he should be in Madame Toussauds Wax Museum but nobody's going to lose their lunch over him.

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