Friday, August 28, 2009

Maybe Ted should have tried this out during open mic night at The Comedy Store.

On Wednesday as I was hitting the publish button on my Kennedy obit, I had a moment (a very slight moment) of doubt. Maybe the tone was just a little too harsh and over the top. Nah, fuck it. I really did dislike the guy. I felt a little better after reading Roger Kimball's remarks over at Pajamas Media and I realized, OK, at least I'm not the only one to abandon the decorum of not speaking ill of the dead.

Then this comes to light.

Speaking on the audio is Ed Klein, former foreign editor of Newsweek and editor-in-chief of The New York Times Magazine. The venue is the Diane Rehm Show, with guest host Katy Kay.

So. One of the beloved liberal lion's favorite topics of humor was Chappaquiddick jokes. It's beyond me to even think of anything snarky to say here. If this is true and not some fantasy of a Kennedy groupie like Klein then this is beyond disgusting . I'm sure Mr. and Mrs. Kopechne would have loved to share in the hilarious side splitting jokes about their daughter's death as told by the man who left her to drown.

I'll say it all again, this time in spades. Ted Kennedy was not only a bad man. He was one sick motherfucker.

H/T Mark Hemingway at The Corner

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