Sunday, August 9, 2009

Maybe she was just asleep during the Bush years. Oh, wait, Nancy never sleeps because she can't shut her eyes.

When I think natural beauty? I think The Speakeress of the House.

The funniest thing all week had to be Nancy "Bug Eyes" Pelosi's comment about all the swastikas supposedly found at the town hall meetings where the riff raff have had the audacity, not of hope, but to express their displeasure with the work of their betters as they toil to bestow the gift of universal health care on the ungrateful rubes. Noblesse oblige, indeed. How dare that rabble compare us to Nazis? Where would they even get such an idea?

Well, it took me exactly .31 seconds to Google up 3,280,000 hits of photos and other Bush=Hitler laff-a-minute hilarity. Here are just a few samples. You get the idea.

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