Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kennedy Dead at 77.

Edward "Ted" Kennedy
United States Senator
February 27, 1932-August 25, 2009

Sorry. I couldn't find anything more unflattering.

It’s been less than a day since Ted Kennedy passed away and I’m already at the point where the only time I want to hear the word “lion” is if someone is describing a large feline mammal that runs through the Serengeti, wrestles gazelles to the ground and eats them.

I’m not a fan of Kennedy, to say the least. Go to my post here and scroll down where I note the anniversary of the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. Beyond the fact that he skated on an crime that would have netted you, me or anyone else a few years in the state slammer for Manslaughter or Vehicular Homicide, Ted Kennedy was simply not a very good person, in my opinion. Oh, I suppose he was very hale-fellow-well-met if you agreed with his policies, but like most modern liberals he was genetically unable to look at policy disagreements as just that. If you didn’t believe in the progressive way as he saw it you were evil ipso facto. Tip O’Neill he was not. The mean spirited way he personally attacked the character of Judge Robert Bork was uniquely despicable and poisoned the atmosphere of judicial appointments forever. When George W. Bush treated him with respect and decency Kennedy crapped all over him. Nice legacy, Ted.

Kennedy was admired by feminists even though he killed one woman and demeaned others. Anybody remember the Kennedy/Dodd waitress “sandwich”? And how about pantsless Uncle Teddy during the William Smith Palm Beach rape fiasco. But gender feminists using their elastic ethical standards will put up with all manner of female degradation as long as the powerful man is a Democrat that will keep abortion a legal sacrament. (See: Clinton, Bill) Did I mention Senator Kennedy fashioned himself as a staunch Roman Catholic?

I’ve heard a lot of talk this morning about how there will be a push to pass Obamacare in memory of dear Senator Ted. Do it for his legacy and all that. Balderdash. A destructive idea is not going to get any better just because you name it after some dead guy who happened to be a colleague. What a horrible way to make policy. I’m guessing the Democrat party in its desperation will overreach once again like it did with Paul Wellstone and the American people repulsed by the manipulation will continue to oppose the takeover of their healthcare system by the government.

I consider myself a Christian and therefore don’t presume to know what’s in another person’s soul. You’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead but I guess I just did. My bad. All most of us can do is assess the public figure not the private man. I submit that Ted Kennedy and his decades in the Senate were bad for the country. I think he was a bad man for his craven inability to publically take responsibility for the death of an innocent woman and a small man for his self righteous politics of personal destruction. As a Christian I pray for his soul. As for his redemption, that’s up to God.

From complications of brain cancer.

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