Friday, August 14, 2009

File under: No Shit Sherlock

It looks like scuzzy lizard lawyer, vice presidential candidate on the ticket of a major American political party, presidential hopeful and all around example of the worst kind of shitsack lying phony that the Democrat party can come up with is finally going to 'fess up to being the babydaddy of the bastard kidlet of shameless starfucker, Rielle Hunter. (Real name Lisa Druck, former fuck buddy of novelist Jay McInerney who immortalized her coke snorting skankitude in Bright Lights, Big City.) Thankfully, this admission won't end this grubby little tale as a grand jury is taking a long look at the payoffs to certain parties in an impossible attempt to keep the lid on this potboiler. I say thankfully, because this particular pants down party is more fun than the douchbaggery of Mark Sanford. And no, I don't feel sorry for Elizabeth Edwards (whose name always has to be, by media affirmation, prefaced by the phrase "cancer stricken") because I think she's up to her eyeballs in the foisting of her fraud of a husband on the American voter.

I suspect that confessing what any person not in a coma already knew came about for a number of reasons.

1. DNA was gonna prove it irrefutably. (She shoulda gone on MAURY!!!)

2. Andrew Young, the stooge Edwards was using as the daddy beard has a tell all book coming out. His publisher is probably paying major dough for the "big reveal."

3. Edwards is a lawyer. He's got to know at some point he'll be asked under oath about his paternity.

4. Rielle Hunter is a woman. She wasn't going to keep her mouth shut forever.

5. And finally, this recently released photo of the love child. What more proof do you need?

Rielle "Lisa Druck" Hunter. Good enough for a one night boning after a couple of drinks on the campaign trail? Sure. Why not? But would you throw your life away on it? I don't think so. Not if you're sane.
Which brings us to John Edwards. Shown here describing the organ that has the little head that does the thinkin'.

This story ain't over folks, more juicy fun to come. The Funeral Guy will keep 'ya posted.

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