Saturday, August 29, 2009

Maybe it's the reputation for swindling and thievery that gets people pissed off.

Madonna. Winning friends and changing hearts.

Madonna made headlines this week for scolding a crowd in Romania for their benighted attitude toward the Roma Gypsies. As a general rule I'm always in favor of booing Madonna if for no other reason than her music sucks ass and when she talks she comes off like a self righteous simpleton. When people shell out big bucks (don't ask me why) for a Madonna show I assume they want to hear music (such as it is) and not be hectored on their shortcomings as The High and Mighty Madonna may see them.

On the other hand I am decidedly against bigotry. Especially when the object of that prejudice looks like this.

Wow! Certainly an improvement
over the wart nosed old crones
that I grew up seeing in the Wolfman movies.

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