Monday, August 24, 2009

Do you remember this? If you do you need to "Move On".

Attorney General Eric Holder announced today that there would be an investigation launched into the utilization of enhanced interrogation techniques used by the CIA on captured Jihadists. These techniques are known as torture by the squeamish and the oh-so-high-minded chattering class.

Allegedly some of our agents threatened one of these little darlings with a loaded gun and a power drill. Then said he was going to sexually assault the Jihadist's mother. (How the latter was going to conceivably be done will have to be left to the investigation, I guess.) As to the first two. Did the terrorist get shot? Did he get a hole drilled in his head? As for the terror mom, did she get raped? They don't say but I'm guessing none of these threats became a reality. So what we have here is that the shitbag got threatened with violence and somebody said he was going to fuck his mother. Sounds like a gangbangin' Friday night in South Central L.A. only without somebody actually getting shot.

Have they ever taken a poll of the American people to determine how many of us really give two rat's asses what they do to Islamofacists who would just as soon cut off your head as look at you? Not too mention blow up one of our cities. Waterboarding? You gotta be kidding me. My understanding is that it's pretty scary. Would I want it done to me? Not just no, but hell no. Do I want it done in my name to a captured terrorist if it's going to save my family and my fellow citizens. You betcha' I do.

How are our guys going to go about interrogations once these investigations start? My guess is that they'll do the bare minimum by reading off a sheet of questions. They'll get nothing.

Do the Obama people think this is all a game? The fact that they called the release of the Lockerbie bomber back to Libya "inappropriate" tells you all you need to know. You want to see what are enemies are capable of? There are plenty of websites that will show you Islamic horrors that will turn your stomach. (If you can't find them email me and I'll send you the links.) And we're supposed to get all weepy and hand wringy over a little rough treatment of hardened Jihadis?

There is a quote that is attributed to Orwell but is actually unknown. Doesn't matter who said it because it's true.

"We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

I thank God that we still have rough men in this country that we can count on to do the bad shit that needs to be done.

At least until the Obama justice department cuts the balls off them.


  1. The Obama loony-libs and the jackasses in Congress (especially those who did not read the bill) do not want us to remember 9/11. The loony libs think that 9/11 is a Republican thing, as I understand it, so they slipped this travesty in a large bill. But, the desecration of 9/11 remembrance bill was favorably voted by many Republicans, too.

  2. I do believe Orwell's quote was in reference to Marines in particular.