Saturday, May 28, 2011

Congressman Anthony Weiner's Hard-on? Gag writers caught off guard on long holiday weekend.

If your idea of a good time does not include sitting in Memorial Day traffic while burning up your $4.00+ gallon of gas, you just might want to stay home and go online or to Twitter to read the millions of jokes about the latest imbroglio involving a member of congress.

An unnamed woman received a Tweet from Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) which accompanied a picture of a very obviously aroused wingwang in a pair of tight grey boxer briefs.  No face included.  (Therein lies the mystery.)   The Weiner himself (god, it's fun writing that) tweeted that his Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked and the offending flesh missile does not belong to him.  Since the dick in the picture is a pretty nice specimen if I were the congressman I would be inclined to state, "Although the large penis in the photo is not mine,  I just have to say that my large penis is a bit larger but I can see where there might be some confusion."  (I will try not to add to the goldmine of  dick, weiner, in a pickle, rising member of congress, and other sundry puns and wordplay since that ground was fully covered in the first five minutes after the story broke.)

The "Weiner" in question. 

"It ain't me!" Shouts Congressman Anthony Weiner.
"Mine's a good 2 inches longer than that one." 
But will voters re-elect this dick to another term?

Now for those of my readers who are not into politics and only come here for the sex jokes or to see if I can come up with even more new words for vagina, you may be unfamiliar with Congressman Weiner.   Anthony Weiner is, by all honest assessment, one of the most diehard partisan and annoying people on the planet, much less the halls of Congress.  (Although he was briefly overshadowed in the last session by one term Florida Congressman Alan "Republicans Want You To Die!!!" Grayson.)  It's impossible to observe Congressman Weiner's full-throated, high pitched shouting about the sheer evil of anyone to the right of his own left wing views without questioning his mental stability.  You just have to see him screaming with his eyes bugged while lecturing conservatives about "civility" to get the full affect.

The wife of Weiner.  Has she ever washed the grey boxer briefs?
Does she recognize the bulge? 
Inquiring minds want to know.

Earlier this year Congressman Christopher Lee - I loved him in those British Dracula movies, by the way...What, Lexxie? Wrong Christopher Lee?  Ooops, sorry - Anyway, Congressman Christopher Lee (R-NY) had to resign after he was caught sending shirtless photos to a woman not his wife that he contacted from Craigslist.   The married Representative Weiner is, of course, innocent until proven horny, but if he did do this it will be interesting to see if he suffers the same fate.

Because you know the media always holds Democrats to the same standards as Republicans.

Ex-Representative Christopher Lee.  
Looking more gay than a picture of hard cock in tight underwear. 


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