Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Downfall of Western Civilization Exhibit #988

We will soon have Lionsgate Television to thank for defining deviancy down another rung or two with a new reality series about swingers.  Bedroom Community is the latest swamp thing to crawl from the primordial ooze of reality television.  I can't wait for their next offering The Dog Fuckers of Harlan County.  (Full disclosure:  When it comes to reality television I am addicted to a big fan of Intervention.  But at least I can pretend I'm watching for the uplift of redemption, not the titillation of out of control junkie behavior.

Answer a Craigslist ad for swingers and 
9 times out of 10 this is what you'll get. 

Here is producer Eli Frankel explaining why you shouldn't feel like a sleazeball for watching a show about people that indiscriminately fuck strangers.
"What we have seen on shows about swingers are primarily older hippies, fringe people who are a little bit dirty. What we found are elite groups of people in upscale communities who are good-looking and have money and access. That glossy version is much more interesting to watch."

Oh, I get it.  Instead of toothless skeeves that work as carneys, we have your upscale betters humping on each other.  In other words, we better find some broads at least as hot as The Real Housewives of New Jersey and guys from The Bachelor or this piece of shit is dead in the water.  Nobody wants to watch ugly people having sex or even talking about sex.  Even other ugly people.  

As libertine as I was in my younger days, I was still a one person encounter kind of guy.  Working my way across America one groupie at a time I'd always say.  Old fashioned in the context of the 70's, I guess.  Group sex seemed like too much work.  

According to the article we will be spending our time in the living room not the bedroom.  Eli Frankel concludes.
"It is not a show about sex but about people and their relationships,"

Terrific.  A show with swingers not fucking.  Just talking about fucking.  Sure sounds like must see TV to me.    

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