Sunday, May 29, 2011

Will Anthony Weiner be able to avoid being bopped in the head by his wife's frying pan?

Weinergate as it's now been dubbed is heating up and not going away.  Now, I'm never going to be confused with an internet techie and there are a lot of sites that can get you up to speed on this.  Try Ace of Spades and click on the links until your head explodes.

I'll try to explain what is known as simply and as best I can.

A dick pic goes out from Anthony Weiner's Twitter account into the world of Tweeters.  (See my previous post.)

Anthony Weiner immediately claims he's been hacked.  His account is miraculously restored for his use in mere minutes, where he then starts explaining how he was hacked.  (He's actually kind of joking about it saying that even his TIVO ate his hockey game. heh heh.)  It's my understanding hackers will usually take over your account for good by changing your usernames and passwords.  How did Weiner get back in so fast?

Most bloggers figure that Weiner knows he fucked up and fat fingered his wanger picture to all of his followers instead of one young lady that he was trying to Direct Message.  (Why of the only 91 people that the congressman was "following" one would be a college girl in Seattle?  Hmmmm....?)

The "hack" as far as we know has not been reported to the FBI although cybercrime and identity theft is a serious federal offense.

The young lady in question has for some reason closed her Twitter and Facebook accounts so all her previous tweets are gone. (She has since re-opened a new account.)  She had also previously tweeted that the congressman was her "boyfriend" and even wrote an article about using Twitter to interact with celebrities.  (Puffing herself up?  Maybe.)  Before the hack, Weiner tweeted that he was going to appear on Rachel Maddow's show and made it a point to note what time it would be on in Seattle. Why would he do that?  Remember the girl (we now know her to be Gennette Cordova) lives in Seattle.

A great deal of photos from Weiner's online photo sharing account have been deleted, including the hard-on in the underwear picture.

Dear readers, this shit is really complicated and seriously beyond my understanding of caches, Twitter, Facebook, photo sharing and all the rest of how the internet works.  I apologize for my lack of knowledge and urge you if you're bored this weekend to surf around and get up to speed.  But I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on one thing.   Guys and their behavior when trying to score some poontang.  And what I can tell you is when there is this much smoke there is some dumbass that is trying to cover up some dumbass thing that he's done.  

We now have a photo of the chick in Seattle.

Gennette Cordova.  Seems like a nice average college girl.  
What could possibly be the attraction 
for a rising star in the democratic party?  

Well, this might explain things a little better.  
Exotic with some hot boobage. 

We will soon get down to the nitty-gritty on this.  Congressman Weiner has the advantage of being a Democrat. The mainstream media will try to ignore this story, or try to make it about mean-spirited conservative bloggers for as long as possible.  (See: Edwards, John)  If he was a Republican the New York Times would have put out a special edition calling for his resignation by now.  He is also a good friend of the Clintons.  (His wife, Huma, was a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton.  They were married last July.  Hahaha.  Fucking dude is still on his honeymoon.)  At least he has the ear of the Master of Bimbo Eruptions Bill Clinton to school him on how to spin and skate his way out of this hot mess.  

Because if you ask me, it's all going to boil down to one thing.  Is this kind of convoluted bullshit story going to pass the wife test?   If it does.  It'll all blow over.

Update:  Ms. Sexy Tits denies any involvement with The Weiner.  I don't think that's going to kill the story, but thanks for the good ol' college try.   

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