Thursday, May 26, 2011

By the Goddess Lakshmi, We Love a Swimsuit Story.

For years the Hindus sat back and watched the Muslims suck up all the religious outrage in the world.  Well, all that's going to change now, buddy.

Nope.  It's not quite a cartoon of Mohammed...It's way hotter!!  It's the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, plastered on the hot body of a skinny Indian model in the form of a bathing suit.  I guess even Indian chicks can't swim with all that colored swirly cloth that they usually have wrapped around them.  The Hindu organization of Shiv Sena is protesting by burning the Australian flag because it was debuted at Australian Fashion Week.  With the courage typically found with the politically correct, the designer is promptly halting production on the bathing suit.  As of yet, we have no news of any beheadings.

Pretty tame by western standards and a lot
sexier than a crucifix dipped in urine.  

If a goddess has to appear it might as well be on a tight butt.
Sure beats the face of Jesus on a grilled cheese sandwich.  

I notice they're not burning the photos of the hot babe. 
Savin' 'em for later, are ya' boys?  

Third world peoples doin' what they do best.
Ya' seen one flag burning, ya' seen 'em all. 

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