Monday, May 23, 2011

Stay Tuned...

I haven't bailed again.  (I'm going to explain my long absence one of these days.)  I've had a family with a two day, all day visitation.  Some cultures looooooovvvve a dead body and will hang around and stare at it for hours.  I call that job security.  Hopefully some longer posts after I get this lady buried.

DSK must have blasted a load on the maid because the DSK DNA was found on her shirt.  If true the consensual defense is all he's got.  I, for one, find it hard to believe that a woman in the middle of her work day would get a look at this fucking toad and just have to blow him.  Bullshit.  That's not the way women work.  (Unless you're a rock drummer, of course.)  I guess he could say that she agreed to be paid, but the prosecution will put on witnesses that will testify that paying for poon is not the style of the Great DSK.   Should get interesting.

O'Bama is visiting the old sod.  His homeland of Ireland.  He'll be gone for a week.  I feel better already.

It appears that there are enough music haters to crash Amazon for a download of Lady Gaga's latest opus.  She's fugly, her music blows and she's the most pretentious woman on the planet.  99 cents?  Shit, I gotta get that album!

A woman in Phoenix gave birth to a baby that grew in her abdomen.  That'll teach you to spit, not swallow.

In the words of The Sperminator.  "I'll be baaaaack!"

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