Monday, May 16, 2011

Donald Trump fires himself from presidential race. The hairball that lives on his head is still undecided.

Fly Away Little Bird, Fly Away!

The Donald Trump I'm Gonna Be President and Bone Those Chinks Right Up The Ass Express has pulled into the station and will be mothballed at least for the 2012 race.

Let's be real, this was a joke from the start, right?  Once the press started crawling up his ass with a magnifying glass, that was going to be the end of it anyway.  The press will protect their boy Obama and Trump would be just too much fun to ignore.  I don't think you get to be a mogul of The Donald's stature without a lot of sketchy shit and closets bursting with skeletons.  How about about a sit down interview with Marla Maples?  Fun and Fireworks.  Whoo hooo!

I did like how he made Obama all twitchy about the Birth Certificate thing and charging countries serious money for their liberation is an idea whose time has come.   Plus, a presidential candidate that freely curses like a coal miner?  I kind of like that too.  "My fellow fucking Americans.  I am here to report on the State of the goddam Union.  And you know what?  Our union is truly a piece of shit and heading down the crapper at warp speed."   Hahaha.  Now that would be worth watching.

Also it would have been nice to have a First Lady with big cans and not afraid to show 'em.

Now that The Donald is no longer a contender
he can spend more time with his funbags family. 

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