Monday, May 16, 2011

French IMF head is an even bigger shitbird than first suspected.

Let's put aside for a moment that this fucking mope is basically a stupid spray tanned bag of cum with a spear for a dick.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is a socialist, as in capital S, Socialist Party.  You know, the ones that want to stick their big Gallic euro-schnozzes into everybody else's business.  Always going on and on about equality blah, blah, blah.  Well,  it turns out when he was doing his dinky-do with the chambermaid he was staying in a $3000 a night room at one of New York's swankiest hotels.  The EU economy is going down the dumper right quick, all the leaders are preaching austerity, austerity, austerity and Mr. Fire Balls here is living like a Saudi prince.  Seriously, who the fuck does this guy think he is?  Al Gore?  John Edwards?  Sheeesh!!!!

It is now coming to light that Monsieur Strauss-Kahn is like Tiger Woods without the backswing.  I'm only talking in terms of risky horniness.  Tiger was a guy who had to dodge all the pussy being thrown his way and couldn't help but catch some of the overflow.  Rape was never on his scorecard.  This French asshole is just a stubby little troll who saw what he wanted and took it as his natural right.  (There are now other women coming out of the woodwork singing the same song about this masher.)   I'm waiting for the rest of the nose in the air Eurotrash to start tut-tutting about us Americans and our prudish attitudes toward sex.  Yeah, we don't think rape is that cool.  You wanna do something about it?

 Dominique Strauss-Kahn being "Frog" marched into a NYC courtroom.   
This should make a good campaign poster 
when he runs for President of France.  

Let's review what we have so far.  (Innocent until proven guilty...yada yada yada...)  The maid is cleaning the room.  Dominique (I can't get over the chick name on this dude.  Maybe that's part of his problem.) comes out of the bathroom in his birthday suit.   Let's assume he's at full mast and pretty as a picture.  He then chased her down a hallway and pulled her into a room and assaulted her.   The victim fought him off and then he dragged her into the bathroom and forced her to perform oral sex while trying to get her panties off.  The maid sustained some injuries during the attack and one can hope that Dominique was at least courteous enough to tell her, "You might want to put some ice on that."  (Damn, I was just thinking.  This guy is my age.  I would have been winded as shit and clutching my chest after all this exertion.  And he kept a stiffy during all this?  You can't fool me.  Cialis for daily use.)  Oh, and let's add this wrinkle.  Left wing white man sexually assaults African (assuming black) hotel maid.  Liberals? Al Sharpton?  Hello?  (chirp...chirp....chirp....)

The thing that kills me?  They caught him because after he hightailed it to his plane (First Class seating, of course.) he called the hotel to see if someone could bring him his cell phone.  Didn't want to lose all the pics of his boner that he has on it would be my guess.  What a fucking dumbass.  Criminals that stick up 7-11's and drop their wallets at the scene laugh at this jamoke.

I posted yesterday that nothing would happen to this guy but I'm starting to reassess.  The judge said flight risk, no bail.  (Roman Polanski spoiled that dodge for all the foreign rapists.)  He's off to Rikers Island where he may pick up some lessons in sexual assault from some real pros.  I'm beginning to think this jerk-off is in some deep shit.  There's only two conclusions you can come to about this guy.  With all he is and all he has to lose he must either be just one of those powerful guys who thinks he can get away with anything.  (Cough cough...former president....cough...cough...)  Or he is completely deranged.

Maybe Bill Clinton can get his law license reinstated and join his defense team.

  "I'm just going to tell you this once.  I did not have 
sexual relations with that woman...that African hotel maid." 

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