Monday, May 16, 2011

Some guy on CNN is gay. Possibly two guys. Are there more? One can only wonder.

I never watch CNN.  It's boring and liberal and boring.  I know who Larry King is but he's gone.  Don Lemon is apparently an anchor on the network.  He tweeted that he was gay.  I'm pretty sure Larry King wasn't gay.  He had sex with his sister-in-law.  That's not gay.  I know a lot of folks tweet, but I think tweeting is kinda gay.  Don Lemon even wrote a book about being gay...and black...apparently that's double hard.  No pun intended...really.   I don't really know who Don Lemon is.  Because I never watch CNN, I guess.  Isn't Anderson Cooper supposed to be gay?  Did he tweet about it?  Everybody seems to be tweeting.  If they called it something else like "short bursts of typing" it might sound less gay.  I really don't know about these things.  I need to get out more.  I'm beginning to suspect that a lot of people are gay.  Do I care?  I don't actually.  Sometimes when I run out of things to say I'm tempted to drop into the conversation that I'm gay.  I think it would be funny, but my wife wouldn't.  I'm pretty sure she'd be embarrassed.  Even more embarrassed than she usually is by my behavior.  I had a discussion with someone once about if we would let a Thai Lady Boy give us oral sex.  I said I probably would.  That's kinda gay.  But not really really gay.  Because it's like a girl and you don't touch the other part.  So not gay.  Purely hypothetical.  Although I hope my wife doesn't read this.  That would be embarrassing.

 Don Lemon.  Confirmed Gay. 
Looks like a nice young man. 
I really like his tie. 

Anderson Cooper.  Gay? 
I read once he collects antiques.  
His blue eyes are really pretty. 

This is really all I have to say on this matter.  Is it too much for a tweet?  I need to try that sometime.  Go back to whatever it was you were doing.

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