Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New York a real life Van Halen video.

We have hot to trot teachers at it again.  The latest is Marla Gurecki-Haskins, 37, who, according to the story, teaches on the subject of how great it is to get a blowjob from an experienced cougar.

MILF-y Marla...You are Marvelous!
Her picture in the yearbook makes it a stroke book. 

Marla is accused of giving a lucky 17 year old dude a knob polish IN THE CLASSROOM!!!  Nothing like raising the excitement level of a sexual encounter like the chance of getting caught.  Here is the interesting wrinkle.  She hasn't been charged with any kind of sexual assault because the age of consent in New York is 17.  I'm guessing that the school district probably has some kind of rule against it though.

The lusty educatrix has been charged with a felony count of disseminating indecent material to a minor and three other misdemeanors in connection to sexy-time texts and e-mails to a couple of other 16 year old boys.  Damn.  This babe is really in her prime and has gotta have it.

There is no mention if Marla is married, although the hyphenated name is a giveaway that somewhere  making himself scarce is a thoroughly humiliated cuckold of a husband.  A guy who will have to spend the next few years imagining his dear little wife gobbling teenage boy boner in her classroom.  Ouch!

When you go to the link be sure to click on the slideshow of naughty teachers.  Man...I was born 45 years too early. 

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