Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Brits on the subway...nude! And against all odds...SOBER!!!

A big shout out to The Conservatarian for this one.

Four naked Brits (2 gentlemen, 2 ladies) took a commute on the London Underground the other day. (That's the subway for you uninformed nativists) .  Was it the usual Walk of Shame taken by thousands of hungover UK denizens after a night of oblivious inebriation and sexual debauchery?  No...it was a publicity stunt for a TV program called The Naked Office.   Some nonsense about boosting confidence and trust and pushing boundaries and blah blah blah.

At first I thought it might have been a promotion for cosmetic surgery since the two ladies have such obvious pneumatic plastic bobble tits.  But the guys are pretty average so one can assume that the HR Department in this particular office is predominately male.

The resale value on those briefcases will be nil because what guy in his right mind wants a briefcase that's had a dick slapping up against it?  The raincoat fapping purse sniffers, however, will be bidding furiously for those handbags.

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