Sunday, May 30, 2010

Look at the body??? Why would we want to do that?

This is really sad.  No joke.

I grew up a Buckeye and this one took place in my old home town.

Long story short there was a mix up between the Franklin County (OH) Coroners Office and the funeral home and the wrong body got cremated.  That is really bad, but it happens.  What makes this one really sad is that the family was preparing for a viewing of the deceased and it was their 14 month old baby boy.  They'd even bought him a little baby tux to wear.  I've dressed a couple of kids in those.  They are adorable.  (Except for the dead kid part, of course.)

The family of little Jaylen Talley is righteously pissed and has every reason to be.  The coroner's employee that started this whole fuck up by giving the wrong body to the funeral home is Angela Summerfield.  Angela has been written up for numerous violations such as lying,  being disrespectful to supervisors and turning in sloppy time cards.  She was rated competent in the handling of bodies, however.  Or at least good enough for government work.

Summerfield has been placed on paid leave pending an investigation.  Paid leave tells me public employee union protection.  Franklin County Coroner Jan Gorniak is all apologies as she damn well should be.

A typical county morgue.
A case of mistaken identity just waiting to happen. 

Now, lets get to the funeral home involved in this.  The Franklin County Coroner's Office may be filled with nothing but clock watching goldbricks and low IQ screw-offs but the ultimate fault lies with the Cook and Son-Palley funeral home that took control of the wrong body.  Their excuse is that they don't look in body bags out of privacy and respect for the deceased.  This is about seven steaming piles of horseshit.  Of course you look in the bags.   You look in the bags so you can check the tags SO YOU KNOW YOU HAVE THE RIGHT BODY AND YOU DON'T CREMATE SOMEBODY ELSE'S LOVED ONE!  Especially if you're doing cremations for 30 different funeral homes.  We have an ironclad rule at our place.  Check the tag and then have somebody else check the tag.

Privacy and respect for the deceased means you don't get a body in the prep room then comment on how nice her tits are or how small the cock is on that one.  The funeral home is just trying to cover its ass from the lawsuit that is surely coming its way.

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