Saturday, May 29, 2010

Died Today:

Dennis Hopper
May 17, 1936-May 29, 2010
(Age 74)
Dennis Hopper 

I saw Easy Rider in 1969 when I was a left wing, long-haired, hippie rocker.  Boy, those two guys sure could stick it to The Man...uh, man.  When I watched it again a few years ago, I remember thinking that those two crackers with the shotgun might have had a point.  Funny how you grow up and your attitudes change.

Dennis Hopper always had the persona of the wild man of Hollywood in the '70's.  I would imagine that his prodigious use of cocaine and other drugs led to that impression.  Interesting how clean cut he was in the fifties when he started in Rebel Without A Cause.  After his self destruction during that decade Dennis Hopper came back with knockout roles in Blue Velvet and especially Hoosiers which garnered him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination.  He then kept up a steady career by appearing in such films as River's Edge, Red Rock West, Speed and many others.  He also directed the under rated Colors

Dennis Hopper was married five times (also my personal best).  All his wives were hot and included Mama's and Papa's singer Michelle Phillips.  Ironically, for the man who directed the most iconic countercultural film of its era, Dennis Hopper revealed that he considered himself a conservative in his later years.  Funny how you grow up and your attitudes change. 

We were watching online at the funeral home when Dennis Hopper received his star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 18.  We were totally shocked at how bad he looked.  My co-worker wryly remarked, "Shit, we've got people in the cooler that look healthier than he does."  I gave him two months.  Pretty close.  I do know my death.  

From complications of prostate cancer.   RIP.

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