Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teacher of the Year? And how!!! (Teacher/Student sex Pt. 5,678)

I'm a little shocked at this.  I always thought of  female teachers banging students as a white girl proclivity.  Well, I am all for diversity when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Keenon Aampay Hall, 29, is not only one hot sistah, she's the Teacher of the Year at Shiloh HS in Gwinnett County, Georgia.  Her big boy toy was on the football team and she went after him like Lawrence Taylor sacking a teenage hooker with a bag of crack.  She and her schoolboy paramour bumped the uglies in a hotel, at her friend's house and in the classroom during school hours.  Not only that, when she wanted to have a baboo with her teen stud he refused and she lowered his grade.  Now that is definitely not kosher.

  Keenon Aampay Hall
She gots dem bedroom eyes. 

The seduction story as told by the lucky student victim is pretty funny.  From the article:

"We entered the room...then she gave me some vodka and ask me do I enjoy drinking?  I told her lies about being a good drinker, but honestly after one drink I was done.  She began feeling my man parts and we had sex."

For her part, Hall "admitted to having a sexual relationship with the student".  In her statement to the school district she said it was a "consenual (sic) relationship".   Please take note that the Teacher of the Year can't spell the word "consensual".

Keenon's mother, Connie Hall, jumped to her defense.  "My daughter didn't have any inappropriate relationship with no under-aged student.  She resigned for medical reasons, that's what the paperwork shows."  She blames her daughter's problems on stress caused by mouthy teens and pushy parents.

The proud parentals are still wondering why Keenon never got her Teacher of the Year ring and dad Dennis Hall is making noises about a defamation lawsuit because her reputation was destroyed by "the word of one knucklehead."  Uh...Earth to Connie and Dennis...your daughter admitted to doing the shag nasty with her student.  Get a fucking clue, will 'ya?

I, myself, blame the school district.  In her application letter Keenon warned them that she had "a passion for education and working with children."

They should have known that she meant a passion for the sexual education of hunky young football players by working their "man parts" to orgasm.

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