Saturday, May 29, 2010

Died Yesterday:

Gary Coleman
Actor/Security Guard
Feb. 8, 1968-May 28, 2010
(Age 42)

Gary Coleman (and widow)
She's sitting down, he's standing. 

Gary Coleman was the big star with the teeny body on the sitcom Different Strokes which ran from 1978-1986.  I have to admit that I didn't watch the show, but I understand when Gary scowled out his tagline "Whatchoo' talkin' 'bout, Willis?" it was cause for much hilarity.

Being the cultural maven that I am I was, of course, aware of the post stardom shenanigans of the diminutive star.  It was pretty funny when we all found out that he was a security guard.  I mean, he's like 3 feet tall for chrissakes.  And he punched his tall, white wife around too.  Domestic violence is not funny, but come on, you know you'd have paid good money to see that bout on Pay-Per-View.   He also ran for Governor of California in the same recall election that elected Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The field of 135 candidates also included pornstar Mary Carey along with other kooks like watermelon hammering comic Gallagher, pioneering famewhore Angelyne and pioneering famewhore Arianna Huffington.  Amazingly, Gary Coleman finished 8th.  Just behind Hustler stroke book publisher, Larry Flynt.  California.  How can you not take us seriously?

My memory of Gary Coleman will always be of an angry Benjamin Button looking guy.  I'll cut him some slack though, if my parents had stolen a fortune from me I'd be angry all the time too.

Died from a subdural hematoma after falling down and hitting his head.   (If I wanted to be mean I would express my surprise that anyone could sustain such a serious injury by falling from such a short height.  But I won't.)

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