Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ugly Face? Nice Vajayjay?

Screw you,  
We found each other on our own.  
We're newlyweds.  And we're about to go cut  
our guests pieces of the Wedding Burger.

How would you like to be a Brit and be smacked in the gob with this in your morning paper?  Among the world's ugliest people, eh, mate?  This according to the dating site  The dating website only accepts the most attractive applicants by the vote of members who have already been accepted.  Swedish men and Norwegian women are apparently the hottest.  I'm sure most Brits would disagree with this assessment but considering the copious alcohol consumption in the UK how the hell would they know?

Pretty is as pretty does.

The lasses and ladettes may realize that there might not be much they can do about the hideous teeth or the not so comely face, but by gosh, they can pony up the brass for a porn star pussy.

According to this article on the BBC News website, labiaplasty, as the trimming down of the vaginal lips is called, is on a definite uptick.  Some women say they are doing it because it's more comfortable to ride a bicycle or to sit down without the larger lips.  Others admit that it's pure aesthetics.  Doctors disagree as to the possible side effects from the procedure.

What a topic.  I googled labiaplasty and bam, a lot of cosmetic surgery outfits are doing them which means a lot of ladies are getting it done.   (Close-up photos on some sites.  It's not porn.  It's medicine.)

My feeling on this is that I bet the the women with the bicycle and sitting down reasons are blowing smoke.  Look, we guys ride bikes, sit down and do all sorts of stuff with something a lot bigger (or at least I hope so) than the biggest labia between our legs and we somehow manage.  I think if women were completely honest,  99% would admit that the reason is they want to be more visually pleasing to their partner.  (I would guess that a lot of the trash talk on websites about "beef curtains" doesn't help raise confidence levels in women.)

I say when it comes to the love flower, vive la difference.  I mean, if you happen to naturally look like a 12-year old girl down there, then great.  That's you.  But to put yourself through painful surgery so you can look like some stylized version of a porn star?  Why?  I really don't get it.  Don't even get me started on every woman having to be shaved or bolt-on stripper tits.  Remember, this is your most intimate of areas you're asking some doctor to shave off.  How do you know you're not diminishing some sensitivity.  Would I risk it if it were me?  Nope.

Bottom line (tee hee).  Ladies, you're all a work of art and beautiful down there.  And I would be surprised if most men didn't agree with me.   Quite frankly, any man that nudged you to do this, I would seriously wonder about his motives and whether he may be spending a little too much time looking at porn.

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