Sunday, November 22, 2009

Man waves his junk at passing warming blamed.

Well, it was hot out and his weenie needed some air.  Alright.  I made it up.  But it makes about as much sense as this story.

"Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution, dangerous work."

I've never heard of this website but it seems real enamored with the United Nations, Copenhagen and other bastions of moonbat leftism, with Global Warming, Climate Change, Hey, It's Too Fucking Hot, or whatever the hell (tee hee) they're calling it this week, a major focus.

Global Warming causes prostitution?
Thats hawt!!!!!!

I hate to break it to the folks at GMA News, but poor women have always been pushed towards prostitution and women in Asia have born the brunt of poverty for eons.  Global warming doesn't have fuck all to do with it.  Sorry, but I think you'll need to find another misery to hang around the neck of the the climate change scam.

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  1. This just proves there is nothing too stupid to come out of the mouths of "UN officials." I'm surprised he/she did not reason that warmer weather makes it easier and more comfortable for hookers to wear skimpy clothes.