Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Science reveals fruit bats may be having more fun than you.

Yes, it's true.   Scientists have found that two thirds of female short nosed fruit bats give blowjobs to their male partners.  (No info on whether they take their little furry claw hand and stroke Mr. Fruit Bat's ballsack during the knob polish.)

Researchers found that the reward for Lady Fruit Bat was a longer bout of intercourse following the oral.  The fellators got four minutes of sexy time instead of the usual two.  Golly gosh.  Four whole minutes.  Maybe if Mr. Fruit Bat thought about baseball stats during the act it might help with that too-quick-on-the-trigger problem.

I was interested to learn that in addition to the fruit bats and humans (and you know some of you girls could try a little harder) bonobo chimpanzees are the only other species that will go for that little extra spice in the boudoir.

Frans de Waal, a primatologist at Emory University speculates there may be more animals smoking the pole, but the prudishness of researchers is stifling the research.

Prudish?  Does that even exist anymore?  These scientists need to sit down and watch a few episodes of Rock of Love.

Added bonus.  Fruit bat porn.

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