Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Final Tab for Jackson Funeral. A Cool Million.

I knew this was a big bucks funeral but, wowser!!!  This is just the bill for the evening service at Forest Lawn not the memorial service at Staples Center.

As I look over the expenses the only one that raises my eyebrows is the 35 large for the burial duds.  I sure would like to get a gander at those diamond encrusted underpants.  The big item, of course, is the spot in The Great Mausoleum at Forest Lawn, Glendale.  It's reported that places for other family members were purchased as well which could easily justify the $590,000.  Believe me, this is one sweet place to rest in perpetuity.  I was amused when I read that the Glendale Police Department and Forest Lawn told the family three days before the funeral that unless payment was received "the funeral would not proceed." I love it.  Star or no star the funeral home is gonna get paid.  I know Forest Lawn.  They're not the types that are awed by the likes of the Jackson family.

Forest Lawn Glendale.  The Great Mausoleum.

As for the rest of it.  The security, the vehicles, the flowers, the framed photograph, the "repast" after the service, doesn't surprise me in the least.  The Jackson's are as used to paying top dollar for stuff as people are used to charging them top dollar for stuff.  Michael Jackson and his family are the definition of "living large."  I would guess that they are quite pleased to have today's papers plastered with the story that they dropped a million bucks on the big star send-off.   It's their (make that Michael's) money to spend as they see fit, so more power to 'em.

Say goodbye to this big boobied bimbo, Joe.  
It'll be two dollar crack whores for you soon enough.

I'm enjoying the schadenfreude of reading that Pimp Daddy Joe Jackson is going to get exactly jack shit out of the estate.  I would suspect that a great deal of Michael's freakishness can be directly traced to the holy hell that Joe put him through as a child.  Any bets on how soon will it be before all the young pussy suddenly finds Joe pretty repulsive when he doesn't have a lot of money to throw around?   

Michael's revenge, indeed.

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