Thursday, November 5, 2009

Showing up at your own funeral. Just like Tom Sawyer.

I've had three or four emails alerting me to this story.  (I can't imagine why.)  I'm always a little dubious of these ones that come out of the third world press, but stranger things have happened I guess.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's fantasized about being the fly on the wall at his own funeral.  Be great, wouldn't it?  Everybody crying.  Listening to eulogies where your praises are sung to the heavens.  All that good stuff.

And that is what happens most of the time.  Not speaking ill of the dead is a time honored tradition, but occasionally gets tossed over the side if the grievance of a survivor is strong enough.  I've heard some remembrances at services that were thinly (and not so thinly) veiled paybacks for hurts and slights that made me think, "Ooooh, things are going to be a little chilly at the reception after this little lemon squeeze."

Lesson:  Be nice to your family and friends.  Tears are better at a funeral than people talking shit about you.

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