Saturday, November 7, 2009

Muslim U.S. Army Major kills 13, wounds 30. Nation mobilizes to make sure no Muslim feelings are hurt.

This is one of those posts where I should probably count to ten before I hit the publish button.  Reams of ink and bandwidth have been spent on this story so there is no reason to really recap the details.  

My main concern is the reaction to events.  Not that I'm surprised by the denials of the obvious but that the denials of the obvious are now so predictable.  

Let's just do a partial recap of some of the horrors perpetrated by Islamic terrorists over the last eight years.  (These are just some of the more famous ones. For a more extensive list go here.)

9/11.  Muslim terrorists fly planes into the world trade center killing almost 3000 people on American soil. 
Bali nightclub bombings. 202 dead, 300 injured.
Train bombings in Madrid, Spain.  191 Dead, 1460 injured. 
The London Subway bombings.  53 dead, 700 injured.  
Mumbai India train bombings.  209 dead, 700 injured. 
Another terrorist attack in Mumbai with armed gunmen killing 174.
Throw in "honor killings" in Britain, Canada and the United States and, by golly, I'm beginning to see a pattern here and peaceful religion, it ain't. 

And now the latest.  Nadil Malik Hasan, a U. S. Army Major, goes berserk, screaming "Allahu Akbar" and opening fire with two handguns, killing 13 and wounding 30. This was after the Army knew he was posting screeds on the internet about US aggression against Muslims and expressing sympathy for suicide bombing.  Not to mention in his capacity as an Army psychiatrist he was spreading his pro jihad poison to the soldiers that he was treating.  I won't even bring up the convenience store video of Hasan shopping in full muslim garb.  

Nidal Malik Hasan.  Crazed, murderous Islamic terrorist.  Who with malice aforethought shot to death 12 of his fellow soldiers and 1 civilian security officer. 
Nidal Malik Hasan.  Innocent muslim soldier seduced by American gun culture who was sold defective pistols that went off by themselves accidently killing 13.  NRA and lax Texas gun laws are blamed.  Congress to call for hearings. 

And what have we been hearing from the lame brain libs like Chris Matthews and the New York Times editorial board?  Why, how important it is to find out his motive, of course.  Are you shitting me?   OK, I'll say it.  He was a muslim and he hated infidels so he ginned up his own personal jihad and killed as many of them as he could.  There's your motive.  That wasn't so hard was it?   I am so sick of the reaction after any terrorist attack when the same old script gets trotted out.  First, the FBI or some other Homeland Security apparatchik says, "we have no evidence that this had any connection with terrorism."  This 10 minutes after the incident.  Second, some political leader, usually the president, says something along the lines that "this doesn't reflect in any way on Islam."  (Bush was the worst with this load of crap.  Every time I heard him robotically repeat that "Islam is a religion of peace" bullshit I wanted to throw something at the TV.)  Third, a muslim leader or group (CAIR please stand up) will issue a statement with a brief show of sympathy for the victims and then will start in on a long litany of grievances about how muslims are discriminated against with the usual blame-it-all-on-Israel boilerplate.  Shit, you could set your watch by it.  

By the way, why is it that we never see crowds of muslims marching and carrying signs that say things like.  "Not In Our Name"  and "We Don't Believe in Jihad" and "We Love America and We're Americans First".   There are supposedly 4 million muslims in this country.  Where is the mass outcry from them about the supposed takeover of their religion by crazy fanatics?  (Cue sound of crickets...chirp chirp.)  

What's particularly disheartening about this particular episode is how frozen by political correctness even our armed forces have become.  This sad sack shitbag should have been 86'd the first time it became evident that he considered himself a promoter of Islamic ideology rather than an officer in the US Army. But no, that would have been discriminatory, wouldn't it?  (Your tax dollars paid thousands for his medical education, by the way.)  

So after it's all over we all go back into our little cocoon and hope that it doesn't happen again.  Which it always does and the whole thing starts over again.  

Here are some pictures of the only religion that says.  "If you deny that Islam is a religion of peace or make cartoons about us, we will kill you."  

At least if you're wearing a burka it takes 
some of the sting out of being hit by a stick. 

The madrassa dropout rate?  0%

No ambiguity here.

This guy is the Zelig of Islam.  
He's at so many protests 
he's been nicknamed "Islamic Rage Boy"

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  1. Mr. Funeral person, what am I going to do with you?

    All religion is ridiculous. The very idea is moronic.
    It is a tax free business run by the clever to delude the fearful and ignorant.
    It seems all reason leaves the reasonable when it comes to the subject, and everyone is afraid to really discuss it. There is not one scrap of empirical evidence to support the notion of a creator, no less the transparent scam of organized religion, yet people are willing to die for something they can't even explain. You want to believe in magic, thats ok with me. I say whatever rows your boat, unless I get caught in the crossfire, and that is sure as shit where we are headed.
    You must be forgetting the 100,000 to 250,000 Iragi civilians killed as a result of the war in Iraq, a war promulgated by a mostly Christian US nation. Iraq is 97% Islamic. Of course this war has been fought many times in past history and for the same insane reasons- fanatical religious belief and greed. I don't see much difference between the fundamental Christian wackos and the Taliban except that the Christian army is better equipped and well funded. The awful joke is the only ones benefitting from this insanity are the few beneficiaries who run the military industrial complex. Now it seems they own the media too. They have to be laughing themselves silly. The appalling riches made in that part of the world sure didn't trickle down to the poor working stiff either. Again he got the shaft, and again he is asked to lay down his life for the privelidge. It is sickening. Whatever the real story is with this guy Hasan, he will be used by the right wing media to further their deranged policies and cause more death and destruction in the name of all things, a belief in a mythology that has outlived its usefulness.

  2. I just re-read my post, and I know the Taliban is mostly in Afghanistan.
    Clumsy wording, but the point remains all these fanatical religions are at fault. There are no good ones in my book!

  3. Your dislike of religion has been noted before. I respect that and I'm certainly not a proselytizer. I have my beliefs and everyone is entitled to theirs. What I'm also not is a multiculturalist or a moral equivocator. Some cultures and moral strictures are better than others in my view. Others differ. I don't like religious fanatics killing my fellow citizens. It's late and I'm too tired to get into foreign policy driven by Christian nationalism/military industrial complex fantasies right now.

    You must have mistaken me for a George Bush Iraq War supporter. GWB was way too much of a dreamy eyed we are the world type for my taste. You want to go kill Al qaeda, have at it. But there is a tipping point on how much blood and treasure is acceptable. Once no WMD were found in Iraq I said let's get the fuck out. Nation building is not my style, especially in that part of the world. The Middle East for the last two centuries has been a muddled shithole and will continue to be a muddled shithole long after tbird and TFG have gone to dust.

    Your opinions and the links, as always, are welcome.

    Just out of curiosity. Obama is obviously a leftist. Afghanistan is clearly his (tar) baby. How do you feel about his continuing our involvement there?

  4. We are the largest weapons system maker in the world and we are also 82% a Christian nation. Both beasts need to be fed. They cannot continue to perpetuate without conflict. What don't you understand about that? They need their devils. The survival of both necessitate an antagonist. Islam and non Christian religious fundamentalism are the bad boy flavors of the age. Once again we have manufactured the perfect enemy.
    So they kill a few thousand of us and we kill a few hundred thousand of them. And so it goes, next stop Afghanistan.
    Which brings me to your inquiry.

    The Bin Laden problem could have been taken care of by a a small para military force hours or days after the insult. Apparently it is not in the US interest to have him brought to justice. Despite a 50 million dollar bounty on his head and every hi-tech intelligence device known to mankind at our disposal, we can't find this aging diabetic nomad. Bullshit.

    With our this present American "system" for want of a better word, we shall always need an armed conflict to keep the money flowing into the right hands. A villain such as Osama is worth much more alive than dead. Am I for a war in Afghanistan? Hell no, but it is un-American not to have a war going on somewhere, isn't it?

  5. And on that. I'll give you the last word.