Thursday, July 23, 2009

You're just stereotyping. This could have happened at an event honoring Yo Yo Ma.

Dis' be Trae

These stories of gunplay and "Rap" events are as predictable as the tides. I mean this really made me laugh on so many levels. (Bummer about the injuries, of course.) First of all, this guy is being "honored" by the Houston City Council. What is he being honored for, you may ask? Why it's his work with "at risk" youth, otherwise known as his fans. I wonder which of Trae's songs the city council played as the honors to his good works were bestowed.

Maybe, "Pimpin"?

Pimping these hoes
Nothing but a G, is all I expose
I've been pimping since, been pimping since, been pimping since
Been pimping since, been pimping these hoes
Pimping these hoes
Nothing but a G, is all I expose
I've been pimping since, been pimping since, been pimping chicks
They got no sense, I'm pimping these hoes

Or perhaps, "So Gangsta'"

(I'm so gangsta), it's time to put your ass
In a real nigga zone for a second, (I'm so gangsta)
Asshole by Nature, repping it for these motherfucking streets
(I'm so gangsta), from the South around this bitch
All pretty niggaz, get the fuck out of dodge (say homie I'm so gangsta)
Know I'm saying, G gon keep it G and the rest gon fade the fuck away

Or this from the tender love ballad, "It's Aight Bitch"

Now I'm feeling like Snoop, y'all bitches ain't shit
I'd like to give a special shout out, to that bopping bitch Michelle
On a hustle for the dick, and I dont think she plan to fail
I heard she 'pose to getting rich, at the rate she was going roaching for some ends
She went from sucking in a Altima, to fucking in a Benz
Damn I guess she getting it. and I ain't mad at her
But if you get inside my range, I'ma throw an empty can at ya broke bitch

How could it possibly get more uplifting for the "at risk" youth?

As always happens with these stories you have all the hand wringing about how terrible it is that something like this had to spoil such a positive community event. Gee, "at risk" youth all hyped up on bass thumping beats and odes to guns, hos, bitches, G's, and Niggaz this and Niggaz that and some people just have to go and wreck everything by shooting up the place. Whoda' thunk it? Thankfully, of the six people struck by bullets, no one received any life threatening injuries. The reason this happens a lot is that gangbangers who would rather look bad ass as opposed to actually working on their marksmanship, insist on holding their handguns sideways so they can't hit fuck all.

As Oscar Wilde once said, "You'd have to have a heart of stone not to laugh."

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