Thursday, July 9, 2009

Death, taxes...and more taxes.

I just heard this one on the way home from work. Granted it was in a commercial and I couldn't find any specific story by Googling so take this for what its worth. In its never ending quest for fiscal sanity by doing completely insane things, the State of California as is its wont is looking for new things to tax. Apparently enough businesses haven't been driven out of the state so the next scheme is to add certain services that would be subject to the sales tax. Already one of the highest in the nation, mind you. One of these services, again according to the commercial, would be...TA DA!!! funeral services. Now, if you are a family of traditionalist bent and want to bury Grandma as opposed to burning her back to her carbon bottom line this could, depending on the funeral home, add another $300.00 to $500.00 dollars to your (as we like to call them) final expenses. Geez. People already think a funeral should cost a thousand bucks tops. Now we're going to have to explain this?

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