Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is why you're supposed to debate and read these bills before you vote on them. Or thanks for the transparency, Obama.

The gods continue to smile upon the Statist Party aka Democrats by throwing a huge celebrity death into the mix right before a holiday so that most Americans aren't paying attention to the latest travesty that the Obama administration is foisting on us. I'm talking, of course, about the Cap and Tax legislation that just passed the House by the skin of its teeth. (Even some Democrats are worried about saving their elective hides by not having the shit stink of this bill on them.) This is the greenie bill that is supposed to take us into the land of environmental Nirvana. Where wind, solar and other yet undreamed of energy sources will allow unicorns to frolic among the vanilla cupcake hills while a gazillion Americans happily toil in jobs that never existed before. Anyway, for those who only get their news from the CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Washington Post, NY & LA Times media complex you probably are unaware of this sweet little nugget buried in this monstrosity. Let's say there is a person. Let's call him you. You want to sell your house. You find someone who wants to buy your house. As what we used to call a willing seller and a willing buyer agree on a price, hands are shook, the deal is made, and all are happy. Not so fast, you troglodytes. According to this bill, you'll need to check with the federal dweeb at the EPA to make sure your house is "energy efficient" before the sale can be made. "But," you say, " the guy that wants to buy the house doesn't care about that stuff. And besides, if I have to put that kind of money into the house before the sale I'm gonna have to raise the price and my buyer ain't gonna wanna pay it." Well, tough titties, Mr. Old School. You're not part of the new way and you better get with it, pronto.

So seriously, let's say you only need to upgrade to energy saving windows. Count your windows and multiply by a thousand dollars. I know, I used to sell these things. Beyond the fact that this makes no sense in an economy that has tanked in large part because of problems in the housing market, doesn't this give you just a little twinge as an American who might just want to run his personal business as he sees fit?

This is only the beginning of the idiocy in this legislation. I'm sure a bill that wasn't completely written much less read before it was passed, has all sorts of bitter little pills like this in it that will take a while to dig out. So now it's up the U.S. Senate or as it's known...The World's Greatest Deliberative Body. Okay...stop laughing! Hopefully this horror will die there. If it does it won't be because these blowhards actually believe in freedom and liberty. Remember this is the home of Ted "The Ancient Mariner" Kennedy, Robert "KKK" Byrd and the newest member of the club, Al "The World's Angriest Comedian" Franken. No, it will be because maybe enough once free citizens will come out of their hopey changey comas to let these clowns know that enough is FINALLY enough.

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