Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Died on this date:

"Mama" Cass Eliot-Singer -July 29, 1974 (Age 32)

Probably the most distinctive voice of the mid '60's folk pop music scene. Her group the Mamas and the Papas sold a gazillion records and the mega hit "California Dreaming" did more to increase the population of the Golden State until illegal immigration from Mexico ramped up the trend with a vengeance. The band broke up in 1971 and of the four Cass had the most successful solo career. Momma Cass was discovered dead in her London hotel room following a concert at the Palladium. Because a half eaten ham sandwich was found next to her bed the rumor took hold that she choked to death on the aforementioned hoagie. That rumor lives on to this day, helped along by the indisputable fact that Cass was obviously a lady that liked a good sandwich or three. (Hey...don't forget those fries!) Good story, but untrue. Death was, in fact, caused by a heart attack.

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