Friday, July 24, 2009

Obama attempt to mau mau the cops backfires. Shit blowback ensues.

Biden told me if I purse my lips up real tight it's harder to get my foot in my mouth.

Our most brilliant president ever, put his toe in the apology pool, but decided to not get wet. This is what's known in Washington speak as "walking back your remarks."

I've suspected that the Gates question was a set up. A chance for Obama to play a little race card self righteousness on the cheap. Sorry, Baracky, major FAIL. You just found out that men that chase bad guys at high speeds and go into dark buildings with their guns drawn don't intimidate as easily as your average white liberal weenie.

On the upside. The "talking heads" will spend less time on the weekend shows criticizing your craptastic health care plan.

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