Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Michael Jackson Circus

I heard on the radio today that they are going to take Michael Jackson by procession from Los Angeles to Neverland Ranch up by Santa Barbara to lie in state. The cost of this (estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) will be borne by...the Jackson family? No. The hustlers and hangers on that hope to make a buck off of this sad individual? No. How ' guessed it...the California taxpayer. Well, there ya go. We got money to burn out here. We should probably start hiring more guv'ment workers to staff what I'm sure will soon be Neverland State Park. Ridiculous? Maybe if you're not from here, but this is the way this state government works. Also, I understand that Mr. Jackson will be available for viewing. Whoa! Good luck with that. After a few days unembalmed, 2 post mortems and all those cosmetic surgeries he should be looking like the "Thriller" video. Hope they have lots of soft lighting and deodorizer spray.

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