Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson update (subject to constant revision)

As my Michael Jackson post of yesterday spirals down the memory hole, apparently the Neverland scenario has been scrapped (if it ever existed). Whether this has to do with the difficulty of burying someone on private property in the state of California is unclear. There are some family cemeteries here, but the state has put the kibosh on any further burials. And lest you think that it is just a question of money the one family I'm familiar with is quite wealthy with plots that go back decades and they were still turned down on their last death. So reports today are that the Jackson's are looking at the Staples Center. Oh my, that should be a nice dignified service. Well, this is the Jackson family, after all. Everything has to be a show, I guess. Throw "Reverend" Al and "Reverend" Jesse into the mix and call it a funeral for the ages. I suppose the excuse will be that they have to do it for the fans. Some celebrities have private services and the Republic manages to work through its grief.

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