Monday, July 13, 2009


To all who are visiting via GoodShit. Hope you like The Funeral Guy blog. To my other readers you can click on the GoodShit site from this blog (links are on the right under Favorite Blogs). GoodShit is run by my e-mail buddy Fred Lapides who has got to be the hardest working man on the web. GoodShit is the first place I go every morning. It's like a newspaper. Only interesting. And, oh yeah, with tons of artsy pictures of beautiful naked women. Not porn. Artsy. The kind you can explain to your wife. Maybe not your boss, but your wife. Fred is a man of eclectic interests and provides the most amazing links. Photography, the arts, music, science, all sorts of stuff. Truly, you can get lost in GoodShit for hours.


  1. You can explain those pictures to your wife? Really?

    I would much rather try to explain a new gun to my wife. Of course, she is likely to approve of a new gun.

  2. No, I said you could explain them to your wife. Not necessarily MY wife. That is what is known as a lawyerly turn of phrase.

    The Funeral Guy

  3. It's like Playboy. You have to suffer through the pictures to get to the really good articles.