Friday, April 16, 2010

The search for WMD is over. It's in this guy's pants.

Nushawn Williams, 33, is a bad, bad guy.  A bad, bad guy who will be prowling the streets very soon unless the State of New York can get him civilly committed to a mental hospital after his prison sentence is up on Tuesday the 20th.

Nushawn Williams aka Shyteek Johnson.
A real charmer.

Nushawn, aka Shyteek Johnson, was sentenced in 1998 to 4 to 12 years in the Greybar Hotel for shoving his toxic waste dump of a dick into dozens of unsuspecting women and knowingly infecting at least thirteen with HIV.  (One of them a minor.)  The number of infected is most likely much more.  Read this story from when he was arrested in 1997 to get a picture of what a crack-head shitbag this dude really is.

Prison hasn't slowed Nushawn/Shyteek down much.  Most of the time he's been in the cooler for fighting, drug and weapon possession, threats and throwing his piss around on everybody.  He never made parole so his entire sentence is up which is why they have to figure out a way to keep this psycho thug on a leash in the booby hatch.

Which brings me to the question.  Why is this asswipe still alive?  And I don't mean how come he didn't get the death penalty or anything.  (Not that that would bring any tears.)  But he's got AIDS for chrissakes.  Don't people die from that shit anymore?  I haven't had an AIDS death at the funeral home for a couple of years.  I know about the "cocktail" so I guess it really works.  That's a good thing.  AIDS is a horrible death.

That being said let's get back to Shyteek.  (I like the way half of his aka is "Johnson".  How Freudian is that?)  I had my researcher Lexxie Google up the cost of a AIDS "cocktail".  The treatment averages $20,000 a year.  Nushawn has been in the joint for 12 years.  That's $240,000 in AIDS drugs.  And unlike Magic Johnson I don't think Shyteek/Nushawn is picking up his own tab from the money he wisely invested while dealing crack.  Add to that the average cost of incarceration at $30,000 per year and we can see that Mr. Johnson and his infected johnson is quite a drain to the taxpayers of New York.  Not to mention a living nightmare to the poor women (stupid as they were to spread their legs for this piece of dreck) that now have to live with the HIV virus or the horror of AIDS.  (And however many kids and other men they passed it to.  The mind boggles.)

So let's hope that the State of New York is successful in their effort to keep this bug infested monster incarcerated.  Here is the description of Nushawn from the Attorney General of New York's report.

"He is sexually pre-occupied with having sex multiple times per day in the community with multiple partners and has deficits in self-regulation."

Or in plain English.  "Nushwan Williams is a psychopathic sex-fiend who will continue to compulsively re-offend because he doesn't give a shit about anybody or anything but his own gratification."

Lock him up.  Take away his meds.  And let nature take its course.

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  1. Wow what a world class piece of shit. He & everyone doing this should have their no-no's doused in a bleach, peroxide & rubbing alchohol cocktail & lit on fire.