Monday, April 19, 2010

I never thought I'd agree with a demented Iranian cleric.

But I do on this one.   Women, you are the Master of Disaster.  Non-Islamic clothing and makeup incites the lust of muslim youth equals extra-marital affairs.  The next thing you know?   Boom!  Earthquakes. Makes perfect sense to me.  Nothing like a beautiful un-burkahed babe to make the earth your pants!

The mad-as-a-March-hare mullah, Ayotollah Kazem Sedighi, manages to find a nugget of truth like the blind squirrel snagging that occasional acorn.

Iranian born Samantha Tajik, Miss Universe 2008, 
had to take her hotness to Canada 
just to cool down the possibility that her 
lusty beauty would destroy the country.  
Forget the nukes, Ahmandinejad.
Just bring Samantha home and 
point her breasts at Israel!  

And for further proof.  Look at what started the volcano in Iceland.

Would you believe that this beauty causes an eruption 
every time she puts on that bikini?
Compared to that Eyajfallajokull was child's play.  

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  1. Oh do I ever hope so much that the ladies will continue to push the envelope & cause an earthquake to big that it will completely swallow that entire shit hole once and for all. Followed by a few more areas of the the middle east. Sounds like that nutbag is a member of the 700 club.