Sunday, April 11, 2010

You call it a warning. I call it advertising.

Ahhhh.  The world's oldest profession.  Prostitution.  The concept of a willing seller, and a willing buyer reduced to its purest essence.  For as long as whoring has been around, there have been authoritarians that have tried to put the kibosh on the whole enterprise.  With pretty much zero success.

To that end along comes (tee hee) Giovanni Azzolini (I wonder if he's an "azz" man),  mayor of Mogliano in the Italian province of Treviso.  He's had signs put up to warn motorists about the local streetwalkers, whose scantily clad presence is adding to the accident rate in the area.  (If you can't avoid this area at least keep your eyes on the road, paisano!)  My guess would be that the signs will have the opposite effect.

He also wants the johns to know that some of ladies of the night may, in fact, be dudes of the night.  If you're not careful, you may end up blowing a trumpet, instead of boinking a strumpet, as it were.

If the mayor really wanted to warn you about the tranny whores, 
shouldn't there be a dick hanging below the skirt in the graphic?

Here in California we don't get signs letting us 
know where to go for a good time.
We get warned about not running over illegal aliens.
What's the fun in that? 

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