Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring is time for thoughts of graduation, the prom and...sluts!

This is what promsters looked like back in my day.
You wouldn't want to light a match around anybody's hair, 
and the demure gown was a challenge to remove 
once you wore down the girl's virtue.
(No easy task back in that more innocent era.)  

It seems to me that this story has been recycled every Spring for a few years now.  The forward march of Slut Nation continues apace and what better place to give it your full-on, Girls Gone Wild best effort than your once in a lifetime high school prom?  (I'm not trying to pick on the girls.  The country is being pushed over the cliff in equal measure by the young male population of Guidos and douchebags.  But, girls?  You s'posed to be better than us.)

No.  This is not Halloween. 
These are two actual "Guidos" in prom attire. 
The perfect arm candy for today's aspiring bimbo. 

It's gotten so bad that some schools are requiring the young "ladies" to submit a picture of their dress for pre-approval before the Big Night.  One would think that the holders of the pursestrings (otherwise known as parents) would be able to nip the skank gown in the bud, but no parent wants to play bad guy anymore, so there you have it.  (Believe me, I know how hard it is to stand up to a pissed off teenage girl.  I was terrible at it.)

These are two of the most sought after prom dresses this season. 
Can you imagine if Tiger Woods spotted 
a cocktail waitress in one of these?
She'd be "Ass up, clothes off, broke off, dozed off" 
before the night was half over.
Not with my daughter you don't, Tiger. 

One of the all-time classics.
Just 'cause Miss Teen Mom got a bun in the oven
don't mean she can't have a good time and look fine. 

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