Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! It's 24 times more stupid than Earth Hour.

Today is Earth Day and all the hippies will be riding their unicorns to the open spaces provided by the great Goddess Gaia to dance, speechify and eat yummy rainbow granola cakes.  This year the happy cakes will be laced with Soma to further cloud the minds of all the enviro-robots so they won't catch a clue that the whole plan for global control via the AGW scam is coming unraveled.

So have your fun, little Luddites, celebrate the earth, hate mankind and hope for the day when they'll be nothing but dinosaurs roaming the Earth once more.   And if you have an extra minute raise your bong to commemorate the birthday of Vladimir Lenin, leader of of the Bolshevik Revolution, which also falls on this date.  (A total coincidence, I'm sure.)

Oh, by the way.  How about picking up the trash this year when you're done.

This is the trash left by 2008 Earth Day celebrants 
in Balboa Park, San Diego.
Stupid Fucking Hippies.

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