Monday, April 12, 2010

Unfortunately, I blew my investment budget on the Sony Betamax and New Coke or I'd get right in on this.

Here is a new product that I don't think our visually impaired brethren has been exactly clamoring for.  The magazine Tactile Minds is the brain fart of Lisa Murphy, who hopes to cash in on the under served market of blind people that are looking seeking to purchase stroke mags just like everybody else.

The main problem with X-rated Braille?
The whole purpose of porn is to have at least one hand free.

The price?  150 quid.  That's $230 American.  Pretty steep for a bunch of raised dots that are not going to give even the most desperate blind guy a stiffy.   Does this sound like a money maker to you?

Playboy put out a Braille edition for a time in the 70's, but that was only so blind guys could lie that they only read it for the articles.

The Japanese, always on the cutting edge, 
are signing up models for the new enterprise.

Maybe my knowledge of the non-sighted is totally off base but my thoughts on this are:

Porn is for men.  Men are visual and if you were born blind the dots are not going to mean shit.

Sex is still fun for blind people because:
(A) It's fun and it feels good.  You don't have to see orgasms for them to feel good and be fun.
(B) The smell of sex and the feel of skin will make up for not seeing the object of your desire.  Ever heard of sex in the dark?

If you became blind later in life the memory of the opposite sex will do well enough for fantasy masturbation.  You will not need a bunch of stupid dots.

Lisa Murphy knows nothing about porn or men.  She is full of crap and her idea is total loser.  Her being Canadian may have something to do with this.

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