Friday, January 1, 2010

Drunkeness...The Brits are the champs!!!

"For fucks sake, Luv, get up.  
I want you to come meet me mum." 

I sit here before you on my 24th consecutive January 1st without a headache that has three aspirin companies submitting bids.  Without me looking around bleary-eyed wondering "what the fuck did I do last night and where the hell are my underpants?"  So I post this with all the smug superiority that only a former degenerate substance abuser can muster.

As most of you know I have a fascination for drunken, loutish behavior.  Most especially of the female variety.  And most especially especially, hammered British lasses face down in the street, skirts akimbo with full panty flash.  Further proof -as if any was needed- that the human race is on a breakneck tumble into the Darwinian pool of certain doom.

Well, the ringing in of New Year 2010 in Ol' Blighty did not disappoint.  Go here for the full rundown of debauchery.  Be sure to click on the video where you learn of the "Booze Buses" (ambulances) that are on constant patrol on the weekends to treat the comatose, the beaten and the stabbed.  Nanny state socialism rocks!!

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