Friday, January 8, 2010

Speaking of brains, this funeral director has shit for them.

Here is a good one thanks to our intrepid troller of the interwebs, tbird.  The story is out of Albuquerque, New Mexico where a funeral home sent the deceased's brain to the family along with some of her personal effects.  What's the complaint?  Isn't a brain a personal effect?  HaHa!  And don't you love the name of the funeral director?  Johnny DeVargas.  "Whoah, hey Johnny, how's da boy?  Can ya' get rid of a couplea former business associates of mine?  A little no paperwork cremation would be good.  Capiche?"

Seriously though, nobody wants to get a bag of brains along with some clothing and a watch.  When you get a body back from a coroner's office (and this lady was in a car accident so that is for sure where she started) the embalmer has to open up the rough stitching on the torso and there inside is what is known as the viscera bag.  When somebody gets an autopsy all the organs including the brain are removed, examined and then put into a plastic bag and sewn back up inside the torso.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO DROP THE BAG OR TEAR IT IN ANY WAY!  It stinks to high heaven.

This still doesn't explain how the brain got to the family.  That's what lawsuits are for, I guess.

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