Monday, January 4, 2010

Cemetery Shocker...Graveyard in country's most Democratic city is a shithole and a half. I blame Bush.

The family of Mary Marsh went to visit her grave in city run Holt Cemetery in New Orleans and found her "feets" sticking out.  Very upsetting as you can imagine.  Especially since the family claims that she was buried in a "beautiful" casket.  (Be sure to click on the video to see the fine quality groundskeeping at Holt Cemetery.  I wouldn't bury my dog Spike there.)

Sumpin' be awful fishy here.  A "beautiful" casket doesn't fall apart in three months.  The cemetery has had issues before with exposed bones on the ground along with other problems.  I know that New Orleans has some pretty soupy ground and has cemeteries that do only above ground interments, but still.  A decent vault buried properly should have protected the casket for longer than this.  (I'm thinking the body was removed from the casket and the casket was re-sold.)

The mayor's office has informed the family that an investigation will take place forthwith.  Right.

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    Some funeral guys are out of control.