Thursday, January 28, 2010

If Obama loses big titted bimbos does he lose the nation?

Obama's first State of the Union snore fest is now in the history books.  (Isn't everything he does one for the history books?)  But the cracks in his marvelous facade are starting to widen and I don't just mean his sorry loss of the Senate seat in Massachusetts to Republican Scott Brown.  (The seat that was held by "THE LIBERAL LION OF THE SENATE!!!!  OH, MY GOD!!!!  HAS THE WORLD FALLEN OF IT'S AXIS???!!!)

Obama Girl Amber Lee Ettinger.  
More worried about jobs than healthcare. 
No wonder.  She looks about as healthy as you can get.

No, I'm talking about the loss of confidence in no less than the Obama Girl herself.  Amber Lee Ettinger, whose booby shakin' ode to The One, Crush on Obama, most likely shifted the hormonally addled male vote entirely to the president is a little disappointed that The Bamster hasn't focused more on jobs and helping the middle class.

Well, fancy that.  The Bimbo has more brains than David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.

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