Thursday, January 14, 2010

Earthquake devastates Haiti...Yup, Bush-Cheney did it.

No, seriously, I'm not kidding.  Mother Jones, the leading magazine of the lefty kook fringe that makes The Nation seem like National Review, says so.  You can read it all here if you're really in the mood to give yourself an earthquake sized headache.

A people with nothing now have less than nothing.

The situation in Haiti is a horror and I predict that it will descend into Mad Max anarchy in days.  (Mass looting, gunfire and roving bands of machete-wielding men have already been reported as I write this.)  Haiti has been barely a country for decades.  Billions of dollars in aid have been sent there over the years with absolutely nothing to show for it.  What government there is is hopelessly corrupt.  Mix that with narcotic driven thuggery and a culture of voodoo and what you have is Somalia without the urbane sophistication.

What the United States can do to maintain order is unclear.  Are we going to send troops?  There are already too many planes at the airport (with no fuel for return trips) and incoming flights have been suspended.  

This kind of care taken with a body 
will soon be completely impossible.

The immediate problem is, of course, food and shelter.  After that is going to be what to do about the bodies.  Death count estimates have ranged from 50,000 on the low end up to a possible 500,000.  Haiti is in the tropics.  It's been two days.  Anyone killed outright on Tuesday is already starting to decompose.  Badly.  The bacterial contamination is going to be uncontainable and deadly.  The worst natural disaster in American history was the Galveston hurricane in the year 1900.  The death toll estimates range from 6000-12,000.  Recovered bodies were almost immediately taken to the beach and burned in mass cremations and I would guess that 21st century infrastructure in Haiti is inferior to the Texas infrastructure of 1900 so prepare for mass pathogen related disease to go along with the starvation and murder.

God help the Haitian people.

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